Sunday, January 22, 2012

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Welcome to Goys In Mass Media (GIMME!) - the only organization dedicated to ending discrimination against non-Jewish people in the mainstream and alternative American media. (Please note that we also oppose discrimination against Jewish people.)


Is anti-goy discrimination in the media a problem?

As in the case of other forms of ethnic discrimination, it is often difficult to prove whether any given individual has been discriminated against. To decide whether a pattern of discrimination exists, lawmakers and courts usually rely on statistical analyses. For example, when women earn, on the average, less than 70% of what men earn in a given field, most observers take this as evidence of gender-based discrimination.

Those who charge that many media outlets discriminate against goys cite statistical evidence showing that top media positions are held disproportionately by Jews. (Note that Jews make up about 2% of the population of the USA, so a "fair" Jew-goy distribution would mean that, on average, roughly one out of 50 big media owners, CEOs, editors, writers, etc. would be Jewish, while 49 out of 50 would be goyish.)

While Jews represent only around 2% of the American population, some media critics claim that they hold a majority of the key decision-making positions in the US media. Widely-heard estimates range from 50% to 90%.
Additionally, anecdotal evidence, such as this brilliant essay by Jewish journalist Philip Weiss, supports the contention that in all of the important positions in the media, down to the level of writers, goys are disproportionately excluded. Weiss and other observers argue that this is because Jews are more comfortable working alongside other Jews than alongside goys - rather in the same way that white homeowners may be more comfortable with white neighbors than with black neighbors.

More than 90% of US media translations from Middle Eastern media are provided by MEMRI, an Israeli Mossad spin-off that scans the entire Middle Eastern media and cherry-picks, mistranslates, or just makes up stories designed to provoke hatred against Arabs and Muslims. If goys were proportionately represented in the American media, MEMRI would be considered an even less reliable source than the Ku Klux Klan, and it would quickly go out of business.
If Weiss is right, pervasive anti-goy discrimination in the media may not only be depriving goy journalists of an equal right to earn a living, but also causing the US to take foreign policy stands that are both immoral and against its own interest. Weiss writes:

"Support for Israel is an element of Jewish religious practice and more important, part of the Jewish cultural experience. Even if you're a secular Jewish professional who prides himself on his objectivity, there is a ton of cultural pressure on you to support Israel or at least not to betray Israel... As former CNN correspondent Linda Scherzer has said, 'We, as Jews, must understand that we come with a certain bias...We believe in the Israeli narrative of history.'"

Weiss suggests that Jewish journalists, consciously or unconsciously, "all know that American public opinion/leadership is critical to  Israel's political invulnerability" and do their jobs accordingly. In other words, what Weiss calls Jewish domination of the media results in that media being dominated by pro-Israel propaganda. Given the very strong feelings about Israel among Jews, even those media people who are not Jewish have to worry about how their work will be viewed by their Jewish colleagues, and censor themselves in order to avoid offending those colleagues. If the proportion of goys to Jews in the media reflected the larger society, this self-censorship among goys would not be necessary.

According to this Christian Science Monitor article, Israel has cost the US over a trillion dollars. Additionally, it seems likely that most if not all of the millions of US and Middle Eastern lives lost due to wars, interventions, sanctions, etc. in the Middle East have been sacrificed to the cause of Israel. (Some strategic analysts, including the vast majority of those from the Middle East itself, argue that the US and the Muslim Middle East are natural allies, but have become enemies due to the US intervening on the side of Israel in its ongoing war against the people of the region.)

Given these foreign policy ramifications, the issue of anti-goy discrimination in the media may be more important than any other discrimination issue in the US today. Yet this discrimination problem has been effectively hidden, and the cries of its victims silenced, by the very forces in the media that are guilty of discrimination!

Due to the urgency of this problem, which has already cost us trillions of dollars and millions of lives, we believe that an emergency affirmative action program may be necessary in order to achieve an equitable ratio of goys to Jews in the media.

Please support us in our efforts.

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